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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reindeer Vs. Airplane

Well life has been nuts.  I don't have much time to blog right now, but things should lighten up after the 6th.  Got a lot going on.

I wanted to at least type up this awesome thing my mom sent me in the mail.  It's a photocopy of a letter my sister Jessica and I wrote to Santa when we were little. 

Dear Santa, (really bad handwriting obviously)

Me and Jessica saw your sleigh.  My parents wouldn't think it was you they would think it was an airplane by the loud noices, But me and Jess know it was your raindeer going super speed. their amazzing you are too.

You friend,
Zanie Rhoden (Jessica too)

P.S. Sign below to prove to our parents that we saw you and you weren't an airplane

X    K. Kringle (Santa)

This made me smile bunches.  One time I ran into my old babysitter from when I was little.  I saw her at a bar, in fact she was my bar tender.  She cracked up when she discovered I was a little artsy fartsy, liberal, sinister skeptic type.  She told me that when I was pretty small, my sister (who is 3yrs older than me ) was talking about Santa Claus and I said to her "shut up Jessica! Santa Claus isn't real!"  Judging from this letter, I think my babysitter got me confused with someone else.  I have used that encounter I had with her sooo many times to illustrate that I've been a skeptic since birth....ha....guess not.  Darn. 

Maybe sometimes I believed in Santa and sometimes I didn't.  Or maybe I liked the idea of believing in Santa so I just played along...nah I shouldn't give myself that much toddler Einstein credit...that just sounds cocky.

Sometimes I believe in God.  Sometimes I don't. ha. This post is dedicated to some of my very dearest friends who discovered (I think over a discussion regarding religion at the bar, the best topic after several beers in a social environment) that I told some of them I was an atheist and others that I believe in God.  I simply pleaded guilty and told them that I tell different people different things. Goodness gracious, I gotta get this head screwed on straight one day. 

I just like the idea of a gray-bearded man in the sky, damn it!  Even if it's all make-believe, sometimes it's fun to utilize that imagination I had before my dad got internet for our home when I was 11 or so.  Maybe it's not make-believe at all...either way, I try not to let it consume me....eats my soul up real quick-like and that really seems like a paradoxical affect.