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Sunday, May 1, 2011


My sis found this picture of me and one of my childhood dogs, Dibbles. she was so fat and ugly and amazing and adorable.  I nearly cried when I saw this picture. I miss her! wow what a nostalgic week its been! First Santa then Dibbles....phew, my tear ducts can't handle all this! (I kind of miss having a lot of hair too, damn me and my compulsive scissor-happy syndrome) When my mom, sister and I brought Dibbles home from the shelter when I was 10 or so, she was skinny and bug-eyed and depressing looking.  My dad took a good look at her and said she looked like something they'd eat in Vietnam.  He fell in love pretty quick though.  Speaking of which, he is still BFF's with my ex-pet cat Percy.  He told me yesterday on the phone that he bought a book on how to teach cats to do tricks.  Good luck with that one, Paps!

We also had a really handsome dog named Tanner growing up.  He was beautiful golden shepardor as we liked to call him...some mix of german shepard, lab and retriever. lovely, awesome, sweet pup.  And I'm reallllly not a dog person.  I remember I used to tell people in middle school ...or somewhere around there...that if Tanner were human he'd be a hot Abercrombie model. ha. wow! how we change over time (or do we? ha..sometimes i sit around psycho-losphizing about that....sounds like something a dinosaur would do. except they're extinct...and that change was pretty straight-forward...a comet maybe? wait we don't know exactly...but regardless something changed and they're all dead except for Nessie and maybe bigfoot....were some dinosaurs mammalian?.) I guess I had a registered trademark imagination back in the day.  oh product placement.  Try playing a drinking game to one of your favorite t.v. shows...drink every time there's product placement, either verbal or'll be shloshed after the half hour is up (21 minutes, really...the commericals themselves don't count...sorry...or ya know play however you like....its a free country damn it! I'm no rule maker.kind of the opposite really...but if I say "I'm a rule breaker" then I just sound silly, because most people reading this know I'm not as rebellious and nuts and radical as maybe I'd like people to think I am...though i'd love you if you thought I was bad ass, because that'd be real sweet of you!)...I guarantee it. unless maybe it's HBO or something of that fancy nature.