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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That super corporate coffeehouse I work at is paying me to make pictures.


Is it sad that drawing these chalk marker 
signs makes me real happy? Too bad 
"Casicielo"is actually two words:
 "Casi Cielo," whoops. Guess I'll fix it 

Occasionally I try to get in shape.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frozen Contradictions

Sometimes I feel like that kid.
The one kid in the group
Ice skating on the frozen lake
Who is hyper-aware of the potential for falling in.
Only the ice is particularly thick this year
So there's actually a 0% probability that this will happen.
And I know this information and even trust it to be so.
But I still fear that I'll skate over some thin ice
That it'll break and
I'll get sucked into the frigid water below
But my fear is more of a desire
An excited rush goes through my body
With the visualization of being sucked in,
Of being dragged below the dense surface
And yet I skate so gently, so cautiously
While the other kids race on without a care in the world.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rainy Day Melodies

I don't really like this song til about 4 minutes in when a girl starts singing with the guy. Still I think it's a good song.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh Sweet, Sweet Vanity.

Totally unrelated sidenote:  I went to my mom's bathroom this morning to randomly tell her that I love her.  She told me she was pooping and that she needed for me to leave her alone because she wanted to focus on reading her AARP magazine. 
Good God I love that woman.
I'm sure somewhere in there she said "I love you too."

I got bored and tried to write a song last night...

I emailed it to my musician friends Andrew and Adam so that they could have a looksie. I'm hoping they'll write some music for it. They read it and told me to put them to work. wahoo!

The frames change
The spaces remain
Always the same
My eyelids click like a camera lens
But the colors are just mud
And I’m praying for some rain
To flood this room
They named my brain

I don’t know whatever happened
To the last moment that passed
I guess it got lost
Or I’m moving too fast

But I feel like I’m in slow motion
With the world in fast forward
It’s a muted stampede
Chasing me down
‘Til I’m left behind
And I’m always wondering
If I’m losing my mind

And I don’t know whatever happened
To the last moment that passed
I guess it got lost
Or I’m moving too fast

But you’re not here
And I’m so confused
And I miss you baby
You got used
But I can’t say I’m to a point
Where I can mend a heart
That I myself
Ripped apart

And I still don’t know whatever happened
To the last moment that passed
I guess it got lost
Or I’m moving too fast

If I promised you it’s ‘cus
I don’t know how to feel,
Would that make you feel
Any better?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I really like these lyrics...


Richard Buckner

"Coming through!"
"...seize your spin around the room: eastern-time seasons call. They're not the same (when they show at all)."

“Are you sitting down? Have you heard around about the bust you beat when you were back in town? Last night, the rain just wouldn’t fall. Is that a stagger, slow, clean and saved (just another fire to pack away)?”

Uncovered, too, trades are shown. It’s how it is when everybody
Knows more than everything: the dying ring, the passing line, the missing wing…

Slip out late if it’s all the same.

I feel it,
holding off another time (almost):

(Sometimes, it’s where you wouldn’t choose.) “I left you there, tumble-load, losing days and moving slow. It comes to me in broken chance and speaking parts at second-glance, what the passage means, read aloud.”

(Pull it back and spit it out the way you are, while you can.) “Will you take it down and watch it change?”

“Can you see it, too? I guess it got away.”

“What will you miss when things are fine?”