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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Birthday Card for my friend Todd

I love 5 cent pictures of strangers from the thrift store. I always wonder what they're lives are (or were) like, and how the pictures ended up at the Scrap Exchange in North Carolina.

Cat Piss Melodramas

Always laugh when you're taking yourself seriously. 

When the cat pees on my artwork, I go through a time warp back into the existential angst of earlier days when I read Camus and Dostoevsky...that time of melancholic passion before I grew cynical, then jaded and then completely apathetic...Through the smell of feline piss on watercolors, I am reminded that everything is temporary and only matters if we feel that it matters, and even then it doesn't actually matter....So long urine soaked daffodils! Spring is over anyway.