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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dearest Blog,

Sorry for ignoring you. I'll have to come up with some quippy little anecdotes soon.  As for now, I'll leave you with this brief story.  A man wearing cheap, goofy sporty-styled sunglasses with the colored mirror lenses (that create a blinding glare which instantly transports anyone who tries to make eye contact with him back to the 1980s, to a kind of six flags theme park, fanny pack type hell) came into the cafe that I work at.  He persistently hardcore attempted to flirt with my friend/ co-worker Nikki, despite the lack of reciprocation.  She just giggled uncomfortably at everything he said.  He went on  and on about how he'd worked some construction job the night before and hadn't slept at all.  When he was leaving he said "I'll be back" in a terrible Arnold Shwertzenegger (yes I had to google his name to spell, and due to my terrible short-term memory, I still am not quite sure I got it right) voice.  Sounded more like a dracula gorilla...or maybe that's dead on.  Then he went on about how his sunglasses made him look like the Terminator.  When he finally, truly was leaving the bakery he got one last word in with Nikki.  He said "You should just come back to work with me, you can be in charge of working my nail gun." It was mad creepy slash gloriously hilarious.  We got a great laugh immediately after he walked out.

I'll be back...with more soon. Pinky Promise.  (soon being a relative term...relative to what time frame?....I'm not sure...I guess the Looney Zanie sleep lush/ bookworm/ nearly full-time barista/ recent acquirer of a watercolor set/ slightly unstable, functional consumer of alcohol timeline.  I never really understood all that e=mc squared junk, so my little self-centered perception of the way time passes by me like blinks and winks will have to suffice...afterall there wouldn't be science or metaphyics if we weren't all pretty self-absorbed. who cares about the meaning of existenence that isn't totally obsessed with one's self?). I've been working tons and taking on/ focusing on some other hobbies here lately. Please don't hate me.  That would break my wittle heart into a thousand pieces.