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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sufficient Buzz

Buzzed and listening to some Neko Case with Caleb. Lordie Lord.

Caleb: I got a lot of sun today
Zanie: (half listening at best) Oh yeah? hows does it feel?
Caleb: Somewhere between heat stroke and awesome...the sweet spot.

I saw two men fly fishing in a parking lot today. It was strange. 

Caleb was listening to Nina Simone when I walked into his place.  He commented that he just found out today that she was from Asheville (a fact that I was aware of).  I didn't know who we were listening to...nor was I paying attention because I showed up a bit tipsy so I said "who, Lauryn Hill?" (she's not even fron Asheville) how embarrassing.

Lauryn Hill...that reminds me of the Fugees and this hilarious video: (my fave part starts around 3:35ish)