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Monday, April 4, 2011

Play Day.

Every Sunday afternoon I volunteer for an E.S.L (English as a Second Language) class.  I don't teach the class, I take care of the students' children.  It's so much fun.  This week I brought bubbles and a disposable camera to play with.  These little cuties are quite the photographers!

Claudia wanted to squish my face for the picture.

The other Emily loved getting this shot of me. ha.

Alma and me and the cute twins Emily and Sallalie (Can't remember how
to spell her name)

I told Sallalie (sp?) to make a silly face. aaw.

Me &Alma

I think Emily took this one. She's really good at coloring, I bet she'll be an artist.
She also made a beautiful bouquet of weed flowers for her mom.

Alma, Me and Lucy

Ernesto is such an amazing big borther to his lil sis Alma. Latino kids get along much better
with their siblings than Anglo kids I've babysat in the past.  The whole culture just seems much more communal.

Claudia looking pensive.  She's the wildest of the bunch.  She's a middle child, I find that interesting.

The man in the green is one of my history professors from school.  He got me involved in the program.