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Friday, February 18, 2011


I just spent a fine evening with my roommate and our dear friend Caleb.  We smoked cigars, drank a little brandy and watched Sideways (in case you weren't sure, I bet you're now POSITIVE that we are all very, very white).  I just gave Caleb a ride home. We walked by my roommate's car on the way to mine and realized that his window was completely rolled down.  It's rainy here tonight so we both worried about his interior getting messed up.  I asked Caleb if I should wake up Zach, who had gone to bed about half an hour prior to this incident.  He said "Yeah, probably." I said "Anh, it'll be alright" because I'm an awesome and considerate roommate like that. Caleb then proceeded to roll up the window (it has manual window roller- uppers, remember those things?) from the outside of the car.  At that point I had gone into the laundry room which is on the outside of our triplex to put some more quarters in the crappy dryer.  When I came out Caleb told me that he got the window up as far as he could.  I asked him why he didn't just unlock the door and roll it up from the inside.  Then all of the sudden it dawned on us both that we could open the door, roll up the window and lock the car without disturbing Zach's beauty sleep.