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Friday, February 18, 2011

Coconut Date Rolls

Asheville's water has been undrinkable this week.  It was really brownish a couple of days ago, now it's just slightly discolored.  All of the water fountains at the community college I'm currently attending have signs over them that read "DO NOT DRINK." I'm taking two computer courses to make myself more "marketable" (oh I how love corporate token terminology). On Wednesday night I attended my 100 level web course.  I'm the youngest person in there. It's an absolutely glorious mix of people.  Of the 10 or so students at least 5 of them are outspoken and hilarious with huge personalities.  Our teacher Charlie is cool too, I know this because he wears awesome Mr. Rogers cardigans and so do I. 

Anyway this past Wednesday on our break Charlie went and copped a bunch of bottles of water from his co-worker's office for us since the water fountain was down due to our little water crisis.  He handed them out and as he came by me I said "I'd like one please! Would you like a coconut date roll in exchange?" I had brought in a pack of those for a snack.  He declined, and the people around me started joking about the weird foods I bring in (I'm a health food nut, and eat some strange stuff for sure).  When he declined the offer and everyone else took notice of my peculiar snack I said "I know, I know they look like poop"  One very prim and proper lady chimed in and said "yeah looks like cocaine sprinkled sh*t" ha! I couldn't believe it.  Then she said something like "wow you're an odd person, eating things that look like poop when you work that job of yours."

Earlier that day in class Charlie had mentioned this very detailed project we have due in 2 weeks.  Like someone who suffers from turrets I blurted out "there's no way I'll get that done on time!" My neighbor, this gorgeous, self-employed mom, laughed and made some joke to the class about what a procrastinator I am. I was pretty embarrassed. I absolutely hate kids that complain about assignments, and this one was nothing compared to the thesis I wrote last year for college. I started rubbing my head and grabbing at my short hair and with a rouged face apologized saying "I'm sorry Charlie I do laundry at a nursing home and just worked 4 nights in a row.  I get so tired and I get poop all over my arms. I'll get my work done, promise. Just a little cranky." Everyone laughed and thirty minutes later I was eating a snack that apparently looked like cocaine sprinkled poo.