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Friday, February 18, 2011

First Blog Post

So this is my very first blog entry.  I will probably type up several per day for several days simply because I have a bunch of stuff in my notebook I'd like to post on here.  This blog really isn't meant for relaying any super personal information about my day-to-day routines. I also don't have any adorable kids to take pictures of. Nor do I cook, so I can't show the world all the awesome dishes I've prepared.  I suppose I could take pictures of all the receipts I acquire from eating out so dang much, but I never keep receipts. I work at a nursing home and I'll probably mention that a good deal, as well as some of the more interesting personalites I encounter in my life.  I really am hoping for this to be fairly spontaneous and a little inconsistent.  If I maintain a theme, I will begin to feel like my life has a theme, and I prefer for it not to. Despite the fairly regular redundnacy of days in my present life, I like to remember that I change a little everyday.  It's easier for me to keep that in mind when I jot down little silly, interesting and/or bizarre occurences/encounters that come up in life. By the way, I'm really not fond of the  term "the present." I have no idea how people live in the present, isn't it always the past once you consider it?  Maybe it's a spirtual thing that I over-think, thus cannot achieve.  I guess living in the present is something you can't really reflect on, and reflecting is what I spend the majority of my time doing. So welcome to my blog about the very recent, recent, or semi-recent past!