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Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011: The Surreality of the Second Dimension Isn't Exactly a Dali Painting

It was the middle of winter. A girl and a guy were sitting on a cheap patio bench with several inches between them. They were on the porch of a rundown apartment building.  They both smoked their cigarettes slowly, sipped on their beers and shivered half-consciously; neither appeared to feel a sense of urgency to go back indoors. The girl said to the guy "I feel so alone" and he replied that it was good she could at least feel. They finished their cigarettes in silence. Both reached for the ashtray to dispose of the butts.  Their knuckles bumped and the girl glanced furtively at the guy, but met his eyes and looked away quickly.  He grabbed her face a little audaciously but not violently...she stayed the night.  In the morning she awoke early and dressed immediately.  He was a light sleeper and woke up as she was shuffling around trying to quietly gather her things.  She thanked him for temporary filling a void.  Then he asked her if they could try out being lonely together.  She responded, "See you around 2 am, then."
"That's not what I meant."
The girl laughed, "Well that's the way I've chosen to perceive your meaning. And I like to avoid verbalizing the beauty of human miscommunication.  After all, you seem to think it's good that I feel alone."
"No, I just think it's good that you feel something.  Your avoidant nature makes you enticing on a mental level. And it's not like I think the orifices of late night drunkenness are going to lead me to your brain."
"Ha. that'd be one hell of a maze."
"Well the best way to find your way through a maze is to just tear down the walls. That's probably better done by day, sitting across from you, coffee in hand."
"You're so cheesy. See ya later tonight."
"Fine, damn it."
They both laughed as she walked out of the room.
She walked down the 3rd floor hall of the old apartment building and then down the dusty staircase and laughed at her bullshit attempts at being ironic. All of the sudden she felt hysterically underwhelmed by all of her shallow "complexity" and texted him from the sidewalk. The text read "Coffee sounds good."  He went over to the window and yelled down to her.
"You're dumb for texting me that. Noon tomorrow?"
She got in her car and drove off; he debated whether he wanted to read some Albert Camus or watch porn.