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Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Stuff

I never watched M*A*S*H, it was a bit before my time.  But this is enjoyable:

I like this song too:

Unaffiliated sidenote (the above two items are also unaffiliated):    I currently am employed as a Barista at the most successful corporate coffee shop in the ya can't guess which one. My discretion is of magnanimous importance here folks.

Anyhow my dad called me at the house today and said "Hi, I'd like to order a latte."  I said "Alright sir, any specifications? do you need it to be skinny, half decaf with extra whip cream?"  He said "no, I just want a alotta latte, please."  then I said "Alright, here you go sir."  And he said "Wow! that's a lot-tay."

Then we went on to talk about other things.  My parents are oddly concerned about the amount of exercise I get. I think it's A.) because they don't want me to be fat and/ or B.) I've put them through hell with my varying mental states over the years and they think exercise will help me maintain the chilled out personage that I've established as of late.

Either way, I informed my dad that I went on a jog last night.  I corrected myself and said that really I just went on a walk with a little bit of jog here and there.  About a ratio of 5:3 (blocks of walking versus jogging).  He said he knows all about that and calls it a "wog". 

wogging...ha...I love it.