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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Typing with a broken middle finger

This is a guest post by Zanie's friend, Narya.

I typed out almost a whole post and hit the backspace button to backspace text, but the browser decided to change pages instead, so I lost everything. This seems to happen a lot to me, so I have gotten pretty good at remembering what I have written...

I am sitting on Zanie's porch, drinking a beer while Zanie is shaving her legs in her driveway in a mini skirt and bikini top. She has just finished putting air in her tires, although one tire she accidentally let all of the air out in the middle of the procedure. She figured out what was going on and fixed it.
Zanie and I went on a walk this morning. We decided to walk to a little cafe and get coffee. I think the best kind of exercise is when you are going some place that has beverages. It is a strong motivation to get to where you are going (no turning around early!) and then, after relaxing with a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer, you return home rejuvenated, and perhaps even take the long way home. Instead of us taking the long way home, we stopped at an auto parts store to purchase motor oil and a tire gauge. We both learned that there are quite a lot of different tire gauges available, but they all do they same damn thing, so Zanie purchased the cheap one.

After Zanie and I arrived at her house, somewhat caffineated by our trek to the cafe, we managed to unscrew her motor oil cap with my wrench that I happened to have in my Jeep and dumped her new motor oil into her mysteriously empty motor oil holder thing (???) and checked her tires' pressure, which were all just about right (until she made one tire flat). After all of this work, we both felt pretty hot so we walked up to the corner store and purchased beer (and a Black&Mild because we're gangster). This purchase of beer for me meant I would be staying at her house until I needed to go to work. Unfortunately I haven't showered in a day or two and my hair was feeling pretty greasy (I swear I am not gross! I just don't get that dirty...much...) so I asked Zanie if I could wash my hair in her bath tub. She complied, but I realized I would get my broken finger wet that is being held stable by a splint and is wrapped in gauze and I really dont want it to get wet. So being the amazing friend that she is, Zanie bent me over her bath tub and washed my hair for me. What are friends for anyway???