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Monday, March 7, 2011

I guess clouds don't really die exactly.

I've never been very fond of clear blue skies.  I prefer when the sky at least has some clouds, especially the  big white fluffy ones, cumulus I think? I even like a nice gray rainy day here and there, but certainly not all of the time.  The skies were often gray in Pittsburgh, but that kinda fit the industrial feel of the place, and being the dorky lover of labor history that I am, it was an interesting feeling to be in that atmosphere and to think about all of the factory workers that lived and died in that grundgy city over the years. (Well not all of Pittsburgh is dirty, it definitely had some up and coming/ artsy hipster "culturally rich" sections that were very attractive).

Anyway! I thought this picture kinda sorta fit with the title of my blog. It was taken during our cemetery stroll today.  RIP Mr. Cloud. My sad face just makes me look a little insane.  I don't have big enough lips to look cute when I do that, just kind of dumb.