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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gassy girl at coffee shop.

So the coffee shop I frequent has various types of seating available. They have these long skinny tables that sit up high and have bar stools as seats.   Jammed in pretty close by are small two seater tables with little wooden chairs.  I sat down at one of the small tables this morning and was squeezed between my table and a person sitting on a bar stool.  We were facing away from each other so that the back of my head was right at the level of her behind.  As I was sitting there sipping my coffee and chatting with my friend I turned my head to the side to soak in my environment and do a little people watching as I always do (sometimes I'm a bad listener, eeeek!).  At this point my ear was really close to stool lady's rear end.  All the sudden she released a big 'ol poot.  It probably wasn't all that loud and there was music playing, but to me and my right ear it was like a steam boar roar.  She got off of her stool within three minutes and headed towards the bathroom.  I think we all know what she was going to do in there.  Oh coffee!

That was probably my most immature post yet, but hey you're never too old to appreciate some fine potty humor, and if you are you should lighten up.