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Monday, July 23, 2012

I hope my pets make it to the beach!

One day a few months ago I accompanied a friend to the post office. I noticed an incredibly long vine growing across the seal of a huge set of windows. As my friend was being assisted in mailing his package, I commented on the vine to the older male clerk.  He immediately asked me if I wanted a snip of it, and informed me that people come by for snips all the time.  I said "SURE!" and got really excited. He jokingly advised me to feed it some PBR from time to time. What a hip fella. Then he came out of his box with a pair of scissors and snipped me an extremely generous piece of the massive vine. 

My 66 year old roommate at the time knew a good deal about plants. She cut my piece of vine into thirds and all of them rooted in jars of water. Now I have three vines and I even bought a mini-tree friend so that they could understand the value of diversity in friendships. I think they like s/him pretty well.

I'm very attached to my plants, especially considering they are my only attempt at "gardening" since I was a little kid and helped my dad with the tomato plants (kind of).