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Monday, January 16, 2012

You know you're in the Great American South when...

You are driving on the interstate and see this billboard. It reads "coexist" and is spelled out with guns. I saw it today and then googled "Coexist sign guns" and someone else took a picture of it and found it equally absurd. It's an ad for a shooting range or gunshop or something.  So I guess they are trying to say "you damn liberals need to learn to tolerate us concealed-weapon-holding, Sarah Palin loving, Bible-thumping rednecks because we sure ain't tolerant of you queer ass holes." Or maybe simply that we need to coexist with people who we don't know are carrying weapons around. Or maybe that animals need to learn to coexist with hunters. (But then the joke would really be on the people who paid the now quietly ashamed, Jon stuart-loving graphic designer to create the image...Animals can't read either guys. Your sign has no audience!) Or that guns coexist with lots of other kinds of guns in this super low-crime nation we reside in. Hmm. Still not sure I understand the sign.  God I feel ignorant. I don't even really like the original Coexist bumper sticker. Something about it annoyed me, even though the message is pleasant. Maybe it's that every idealistic hippy owned subaru in Asheville had one on its bumper....Now I just sound like I don't like anybody. damn it....Wait now I think I get it! The billboard is mocking the original 'coexist' sticker and is really supposed to mean "I ain't gonna coexist with nobody. I'm just gonna shoot people I have a problem with."