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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Architecture in Helsinki

I listened to the album "Moment Bends" by Architecture in Helsinki while power-walking (yes I was literally walking super freaking fast) around a small lake/ large pond. while on this trek I saw a kid chasing a goose with a fishing rod. It made me feel pretty upset.  His brothers and father were getting a kick out of it.  Then I recalled that just a few minutes before I arrived at this park I was sitting at a stoplight chowing down on "wild harvest ginger" trail mix that I had just purchased at the overpriced health food store. A homeless guy was standing on the corner watching me eat. I was in a terrible mood, and I didn't bother to stop eating, nor did I roll down my window and offer him some.  I felt like I couldn't be mad at the little boy for chasing the goose after I'd just consumed lots of fancy trail mix in front of a hobo.

Anyway I recommend this whole album for dancing in your room, or cleaning your house or walking around a large pond while trying to feel okay about life after shamelessly stuffing your face with large handfuls of trail mix in front of a homeless person and then seeing a boy chase a goose with a fishing poll.

Oh and just the sight of tons of young, happy families made me feel uneasy too.

Here's a particularly fun song. The video is interesting too: