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Sunday, September 27, 2015


A short play
Scene: A Bar. 2 people talking

X: Do you ever suddenly get overwhelmed with the feeling that you’re dead inside? 

Y: What?

X: Ya know…just random moments throughout the day when you’re bored at work, or driving or taking a shit….do you ever just become acutely aware of a vast emptiness within yourself?

Y: No.

X: Sorry....I don’t have much to talk about. Nothing really happens in my life anymore. 

Y: It's okay, nothing happens in mine either.


Y: I got this new toothpaste the other day, the flavor is awesome, it’s changed my life.

X:: Oh yeah?

Y: That's an overstatement, but really, it’s good shit.

X: Well if you’re a person who follows the rules and brushes your teeth twice daily, it might be life-atlering to begin and end your day with a delightful taste in your mouth.