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Monday, July 28, 2014

Douche University

Yesterday a semi-regular customer came into the coffee shop. He struck up a conversation with me, asking me how I'd been and whatnot. I told him the usual blurb I tell people, that I've mostly just been working a lot. Then he started talking about his recent trip to Mexico, which a lowly barista who can't afford vacations just can't wait to hear about. He said he got stopped by customs at an airport and was randomly selected for questioning. I interjected and asked him if they made him drop his pants. He got super uncomfortable. I guess he got molested, or just thought it was weird that I asked him that. Then I tried to back-track and apologized for lacking a filter (which I'm never actually sorry about). He said "it's okay I went to the University of Michigan." I asked him what that had to do with anything and he said "everyone is socially awkward there."

um okay. University of Michigan people are socially awkward. Good to know down here in North Carolina. I'll be sure to buy a t-shirt, then maybe my whole personality will make more sense to people, if they went to University of Michigan.