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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boobs and Bowels

I moved into this new house that I feel super duper comfortable in and all the sudden I'm pooping every day as opposed to once a week. Go figure.

A friend recently told me that he thinks I'm deeply afraid of being boring and that my biggest fear in life is of not being afraid. He was super drunk, but I definitely took that shit to heart. I'm also totally getting boring lately and that scares the shit out of me. Fuck maybe that's actually why I'm pooping more frequently. Because I'm boring and comfortable and stable. Oh no. Well the anxiety attack I'm having thinking about that will probably make me constipated.

I finally bought new normal bras the other day after wearing two sports bras on top of each other every where I went for months. But now, in my new bras, every time I move slightly, like take a step or yawn, I can feel my tits slipping out of the cups so that I have the 4 boob dilemma. And once again, like dozens of times before, I remember why so many annoying fuckers tell me I have to drop 60 bucks at Victoria's secret and not just go to Target. That's also the poor man's dilemma. Spend small amounts of money often on bullshit that you can afford versus spending larger sums of money on better quality shit a lot less often. So I'm perpetually broke and have 4 boobs. Oh fucking well.

Totally unrelated (though people might use this line about me behind my back):
I've noticed that when confronted with a very eccentric person who's kinda really fucking annoying, certain obsessively politically correct folks will say something like "I think Jane is some where on the autism spectrum" like as a way of expressing their discomfort when interacting with that person. That shit is kinda fucked up really.

This video made me horny:
Nudi Eat Nudi World
I'm not sure how to feel about that.