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Friday, May 25, 2012

Life on a Commune.

I visited one of my besties last week at a co-op, aka a commune, he moved into recently. It was an interesting experience for sure.

Here are some pictures we took with my disposable camera.  Because I'm too cool/ ironic for digital or even a fancy manual.
Oh yeah. Guarding the garden on this sweet single-gear low rider in the hamster-decorated boxers I bought at Goodwill and didn't wash right away.

Riding a paper mache bowling pin in the commune's "hot tub".  Everybody's doing it.

Dubin next to a shed looking all fly.

A stump with some granite or something on top. They had an amazing collection of random shit in the yard. You know what they say about another man's trash...

The Co-op's stairway to heaven. Probably better with hallucinogens.