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Thursday, April 5, 2012

For Summer, With Love and Scorn

She put on a short, loose fitting pretty little dress for the evening and decided to wear a pair of ankle boots with it. One of the boots was just slightly unzipped. Her mind flashed back to a moment in the winter months, before, when he’d tried to unzip the boot for her as she left his house early some morning or late one night. She explained to him that they just slipped right on so he handed it back to her and she put it on herself. 

Now it was summer and she’d grown her hair out. It was wavy and hot on her neck but it looked so lovely.

She hadn’t worn the boots since then, but only because she'd forgotten about them. He saw her look down at the slightly unzipped one without even remembering or considering how it’d gotten itself into that inconsequential condition. Then she mechanically fixed it. 
And he felt so sad 
Watching all of this 
From her window
In his thoughts
In his own mind 
Months later
In the summer 
After he saw her on the street 
With her hair blowing behind her 
In the wind.