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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things are looking up.

Life is feeling pretty good here lately.  I moved home to Greensboro which I thought would be terrible, but it's actually going really well.  I'm doing a good deal of art and writing and reconnecting with old friends.  My best friend from high school is moving back home next week too. Apparently 92% of recent college grads have had to move home.  Guess that's life.  I'm trying to look at it with a good attitude.  I'll live rent-free for a while, get a mindless part-time job and spend all of my spare time reading, writing, drawing and hanging out with good friends.  I've also been riding my mom's bike a lot and cooking really delicious food.  wahoo.  I rode the bike over to see the art teacher who changed my life.  I took classes from her for 10+ years and she is the most incredible woman.  She said I could come and use her studio for free whenever I want.  Amazing.  Oh and I've been good and sober for a month +1 week.

My dear friend William took these pictures of me with his fancy antique photo app on his iphone. I really love them.

Picking out greenbeans for a thai yellow curry recipe.

Sitting in William's awesome downtown apartment being goofy.

Dancing in the kitchen at my parents'. always.

I don't even really like dogs...

God. Me as a housewife. ha. frightening